Week 15 & Week 16: A Lifetime Commitment...

Quote of the Week: "Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you."

Journaling the Last Week:

This has been a VERY big 2 weeks for me… where to even begin?

Sorry I did not post last week. I was really enjoying the quality time spent with the ones I love and figured I would save up for one BIG crazy post! :) I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was wonderful. I was able to spend 6 days hanging out with my parents, siblings, and extended family. I always treasure this time together and am so incredibly thankful for them. 

As you all know, I had been eagerly awaiting my reintroduction to food on Thanksgiving. Our whole cohort had been talking about it for weeks; imagining what food we would eat first, how it would feel to sit with family and actually eat something, and what the food would taste like. Well, on the Monday before Thanksgiving we were told, “Actually, no you do not get your first meal until the day after.” WHAT?!?! So, I would say about 98% of the group decided to ban together, be rebellious, and enjoy our Thanksgiving first food meal. After all, it was perfect timing to celebrate all the hard work and success. For some, it was the first Thanksgiving healthy in a long time. For my first meal of real food in 4 months, I opted for 4 oz of white meat turkey and a cup of steamed broccoli. Boy did it taste amazing!!! Who knew sauceless, saltless, seasoning less, oilless, gravy less, cranberry sauceless food could taste so good? However, after so long without eating anything but protein shakes, it was a bit hard to swallow and I barely made it half way through before I felt as if I would pop!


Throughout this first week back to food, I have been navigating my way around the foods that sit well with me now, weighing everything out, measuring, cooking healthfully, ditching my favorite flavors (butter, salt, oil), and trying new things. Some of the recipes I tried, failed miserably (omelette in a bag), others were a huge success. Here are a few I captured before eating...

1. (151 Calories) First meal out- $15 turkey sandwich (minus the bun, cheese, avocado, aioli, 1/2 the meat, fries, and couldn't eat the salad).
2. (158 Calories) chicken, spinach, tomato
3. (109 Calories) tuna in water, dill, green onion, tomatoes
4. (214 Calories) steamed broccoli, egg whites hard boiled, tomato
5. (192 Calories) It was supposed to make "bread", but was a bit more pancake like- cauliflower, broccoli, low fat mozzarella cheese, green onions

As I got dressed this week, another exciting moment occurred. My pants were too big, again! Thankfully I have been purchasing at least 2 pars each time I buy new pants; one my new size, and one a size smaller. So I grabbed the smaller size I bought last shopping trip and thew them on. On average, I have been dropping a size every 10 pounds. This was my 5th pant size down since August! Yep, you calculated correctly… that means I have lost FIFTY POUNDS!!

I have been working hard to set myself several small goals, usually around the amount of weight I needed to lose, or the amount of exercise I needed to get. My rewards for meeting these goals have been things like new pants, new shirts, a pedicure, a shopping spree, a movie night, nail polish, etc. It feels really good meeting these short term attainable goals. However, it was also important for me to set some bigger goals to continually push myself toward. The first BIG milestone I was aiming for was to lose 50 pounds. When I set that goal back in August, it felt nearly impossible. I have never lost that much weight in my entire life. How on earth was I going to accomplish this? What I found was important to me, was to not fixate on the end goal. The end goal was a long ways off. If I continued to set my focus on the smaller more easily attainable goals, I would feel success and that success would motivate me toward my end goal. Before I knew it, it had arrived. It feels so good! :) The reward for hitting my 50 pound goal was to upgrade to a Fitbit Charge HR. While it is not incredibly different from my Flex, it’s new and shininess has already reinvigorated me in this process. 

Something that has been really weighing on my these last two weeks is the immensity of the task at hand; the fact that this is not a temporary journey, it is a life-long commitment. I have realized I cannot allow myself to get in the frame of mind of saying, “When I get to eat that again…” I have had several people ask me, when will you be able to have (insert not so healthy food of choice here) again? The answer I am beginning to fully comprehend is that it is not so much that I will NEVER have that again, but its the decision I have to make of “is it worth it?”. For the rest of my life I will need to be making these healthy decisions, deciding if ditching a huge plate of protein and vegetables for 5 french fries is worth it, if sampling that sauce or eating that sees candy is worth the calories I will have to record and take away from a more nutritious, filling and satisfying meal. Does this journey mean that I will never enjoy these things again? Of course not. But you better believe I will be thinking much more about it and weighing the pros and cons. When I think about this, it overwhelms me. It scares me at times, because we all know how easy it is to let yourself just enjoy it, to say, no big deal, it’s just this once, tomorrow will be better. But then tomorrow you say the same thing and before you know it, you are spinning out of control. I fear that. I fear the level of discipline it will require to not allow myself to go there. Like I said, immense. 

Last week we gave up one product and replaced it with one meal. This coming week, I will give up 2 products to replace them with 2 meals. I never thought I would say this, but I kind of miss the simplicity of the product. Wish me luck! 

End of Week Stats:

Steps Taken Last 2 Weeks: 105,516 steps
Steps Taken Total: 860,638 steps

Distance Walked Last 2 Weeks: 47.74 miles
Distance Walked Total: 382.1 miles

Weight Lost Last 2 Weeks: 6.3 pounds
Weight Lost Total: 50.1 pounds

Inches Lost Last 2 Weeks: 1.5 inches
Inches Lost Total: 31.8 inches

BMI Decrease Last 2 Weeks: 1.2
BMI Decrease Total: 8.9

This Week Compared to Week 1:

 My Progress in Pictures:

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  1. What I love is that from week 1 to week 17 you have the same bright and beautiful smile. Love the commitment quote at the beginning and "For a Lifetime" mentality.