Week 14: Support is the Key to Success...

Quote of the Week: "Flirt with your perceived limitations (without ambulances)."

Journaling the Last Week:

The quote above was spoken by a guest cardio fitness instructor tonight. While it gave the group a good chuckle, it got me thinking. Over the past 4 months, I have proven so much to myself, especially in respect to my physical abilities. I had/have all these perceived limitations. While I am gradually becoming stronger in the gym, I always hit a certain point and tell myself I have hit my limit. It is interesting though. Because when I get to that point, if I am honest with myself, that is probably only 60% of what I am actually capable of. Just because it gets hard, does not mean that is my limit. She encouraged us to "flirt" with or push what we consider to be some of our limitations. However, she strongly advised do so in a way that will not require an ambulance being called. I tend to go all out and push myself farther then I probably should at times. But in general, there are many ways I could push myself more and not make excuses. For example, my arm strength (or lack there of). As soon as I feel the burn, I call it quits. Limit hit. In reality that is just my arms saying, "Girl you never use us, this is gonna burn a bit." HAHAHA As I continue this journey, I hope to continue to, in a safe way, flirt with my limitations.

It amazes me daily what an incredible support team I have. My family encourages me every day and supports this positive change in my life. They check in and cheer me on and I am so grateful for them. My friends build me up and genuinely take an interest in this crazy process I am going through. My cohort, team 56, has become a group of people I am so incredibly thankful for. I still recall the first day we were gathered in the basement for our meeting. I thought to myself how different everyone seemed from me and from each other. How would we ever all bond in that way I knew I needed. It didn't take long. At all. I look forward to Thursday nights all week. I look forward to seeing the progress my friends have made. To listen to their struggles as often they echo my own. I know that no matter what is going on, they will make me laugh. They have become a support system I needed in this process and I cannot imagine being without. If only you could be a fly on the wall when we are catching up and chatting in the waiting room each week before meetings as we are all getting our med checks. We know what is going on in each persons life. We share stories, articles, recipes, joys, struggles, success. We laugh, boy do we laugh. When I began this program, honestly I was a bit annoyed the group available was so far from home. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I was meant to be in Oakland Team 56. Without my family, friends, and team this would be a very difficult and quite frankly impossible journey. Thank you!

I have been struggling this week with some severe hip pain. Everywhere I have gone the stench of menthol has followed. Thank goodness for IcyHot patches! :) Thankfully, it is feeling much better right now. I really stepped up my exercise this week and I think it was just my body's way of saying, "Be careful, take it easy." I keep thinking to myself, it can only get better as I continue to lose more weight.

A week from today I will begin Phase 2: transition. I am really looking forward to real food again. Many of my friends have expressed fear of transition to real food and that they worry they will remember how good something tastes and over do it. I have been reflecting on this quite a bit over the last week. I have come to realize, that this process truly has changed my attitude and my behavior toward food. While I know it will not be easy, I don't know if I share the same fear as them. I keep thinking about how I have made it 4 MONTHS! If you know me, you know how much I love bread. In the last 4 months I have not had a single bite of bread (something I would have thought was impossible). Yet, I did it. And you know what, I am still alive. It didn't kill me. When I think of transition, I do not find myself fearful. I find myself encouraged. It is no different than this phase 1 I have been in. The fuel I am putting into my body might change, but why would my attitude? I have been able to refrain, say no, make smart decisions for the last 4 months and I am fine. In fact, I am better for it.

At the beginning of this process, there was a period of mourning. Seriously, you mourn food. It is hard at first. You wonder if you will ever survive without some of your favorites. You are convinced that you are missing out when others eat delicious (unhealthy) things around you. But slowly, you stop missing it so much. You can eat with others. You realize that yes you are not partaking in the food with them, but that is ok. It doesn't define you. In fact, you begin to realize in these 4 months, you are happier then you have ever been. You forget about the good friend food used to be and realize your attitude and relationship with food has completely changed.

It is a wonderful realization. Am I fearful the next phase will be tricky, sure. I will have to carefully weigh, measure, and count everything that I eat. However, I am not fearful of my ability to continue with this new found relationship with food. I have proven to myself that I am capable of change, that I am strong, that I can put mind over matter and learn to appreciate food in a different way. This process for me has not been about learning what is a good food choice, how to track or count calories or deal with portion sizes. I have always known that. Maybe I didn't follow it, but I knew. For me, this process has been an emotional one. It is proving to myself not only that I can make a change, but that I am worth it.

End of Week Stats:

Steps Taken Last Week: 54,537 steps
Steps Taken Total: 810,369 steps

Distance Walked Last Week29.91 miles
Distance Walked Total: 358.7 miles

Weight Lost Last Week: 3.8 pounds
Weight Lost Total: 43.8 pounds

Inches Lost Last Week: 2.75 inches
Inches Lost Total: 30.3 inches

BMI Decrease Last Two Weeks0.6
BMI Decrease Total: 7.7

This Week Compared to Week 1:

My Progress in Pictures:

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