Week 12: Walking, Walking, Walking...

Quote of the Week: "Sweat is just fat crying."

Journaling the Last Week:

Been traveling for work and a bit late in posting this, but here it is! Better late than never!

First note: I survived Halloween. I had a blast celebrating with friends and family, and didn't die because I couldn't have a Milky Way or Starbursts. YAY!

Second note: that quote made me giggle. Go ahead and have a good cry fat! Embracing my sweaty workout self. It means I am working hard!

I have to say, something I enjoy about working in the city is that I can make the shortest distance between my BART station and my office (less than a 30 second walk) turn into the longest, absurdly out of the way, most beautiful morning journey. I am enjoying those morning walks along the water and benefiting from the extra steps it provides!!

Many of my coworkers are joining in on the fitbit step obsession. The last few weeks have been so much fun. We have been challenging each other to daily showdowns, goal days, workweek hustles, and also weekend warrior challenges. If one of us sees the other get up, suddenly we pop out of our seat to match their steps. If we have to throw something away, get something from the printer, etc we take the longest route possible. I am so lucky to have such incredible coworkers who not only encourage and support my journey, but motivate me to continue pushing on and doing my best!

Last week we were told we could finally begin some weight bearing exercise / resistance training. We had a guest speaker in our class who brought along therabands and gave us some exercises we should start doing in addition to our walking. Sad to say, I have not been super good at getting it in this week, but am looking forward to a workout this evening.

I learned that each theraband color has a different resistance. Blue provides the most resistance. We were cautioned that if we chose blue, we should be especially careful of any shoulder exercises as to avoid injury. Green is the next highest resistance, followed by Red, and then Yellow. I chose the green band as it felt the most comfortable to me. The following exercises are ones we will be doing over the next few weeks with our theraband:

Upright Rowing, Extension, Deltoid Side Arm Raise, Hip Abduction, Hip Extension, Toes and Heels, Wall Push Ups, Resisted Shoulder Blade Squeeze, Partial Chair Squat, Plank (on feet and knees), Biceps, and Triceps.

I have already started counting down the days until my "first meal". Hahaha I remember counting down the days until my "last meal" a few months ago. I am not hungry, but I am missing the flavors and textures of real food. I am most looking forward to eating broccoli on Thanksgiving day, even if it has to be cooked until mushy, essentially baby food texture. One of our group members constantly jokes about this process like being a baby all over again. He refers to eating product as his "feedings" and it always makes me chuckle. Its true. We have been eating the same milk product on a schedule for the last several months. In a few short weeks we graduate to solids (mushy solids). Soon after that our bodies can begin to handle real food again. Its a crazy process.

Despite the jokes, I have really appreciated the simplicity of my daily "feedings". I do not have to decide when, what, or how much to eat. I simply pop a straw into a milk box and sip away. Simple. I think that is the thing I am most worried about. I am not so much worried that I will struggle with continuing this healthy lifestyle (because I really do love healthy foods and being active), but that it will be so time consuming to measure, weigh, prep, cook, package, and store my 6 daily meals. I will persevere!

3 more weeks to go before Phase 2: transition begins. I am not sure if I am excited or nervous yet. We shall see. In the next 3 weeks, I plan to be as active as possible and drink lots of water. My goal is to strengthen this routine I have developed so I can go into phase 2 successfully.

End of Week Stats:

Steps Taken Last Week: 50,269 steps
Steps Taken Total: 702,254 steps

Distance Walked Last Week: 24.34 miles
Distance Walked Total: 305.95 miles

Weight Lost Last Week2.2 pounds
Weight Lost Total: 35.4 pounds

Inches Lost Last Week: 1.25 inches
Inches Lost Total: 27.05 inches

BMI Decrease Last Two Weeks0.3
BMI Decrease Total: 6.2

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